Frequently Asked Questions:

1.   How long before my product ships?
     - Depending on the product and/or customization
       desired, the average time would be a week before               shipping.  We will contact you at the time the order is
       placed to give you an approximate ship date and keep
       you updated throughout the process.  You may also
       email us prior to your order if you have any questions
       regarding faster service.

2.   Can I customize my order?
      - Yes, your order maybe customized to fit your
       personal needs.  If you see something on our website 
       that you like, but would like another color or pattern,
       please email us and we can discuss what you are  
       looking for.
3.    What forms of payment are accepted?
     - We accept Paypal, Visa or Mastercard (online only)

4.    What if I have a garment I would like to use?
     - Please contact us via email at
       and we can provide you prepaid shipping label to
       send your garment directly to us.

5.   What if I have a question about my order and need
      to contact someone?

    - Please send us an email to
      and provide us a phone number and the best time to
      reach you and someone will return your call within
      24 hours.
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